Website Maintenance

We provide affordable website maintenance that will not break
your bank account

Website Maintenance

Our clients receive full support to help with their desired website maintenance changes, whether that be simple text changes or a full website makeover. Website maintenance changes are done in a timely manner to ensure your website is up-to-date and performing at its best.

We provide you with a website maintenance quote so you know exactly how much each change will cost, and we operate using a service level agreement, so you also know how long your change will take.

Common Web Maintenance Updates our clients request:

  • Adding Pages, Articles etc.
  • Updating menus, links etc.
  • Changing Images
  • Fixing Page errors
  • Adding extra features such as newsletters, searches etc.
  • And much much more…..
Just want a standard routine
maintenance check?

Website maintenance is the process of keeping the software running your website up to date, secure and upgrade-able. Without maintenance, your site will eventually experience issues such as; hacking, Google penalties, site errors and sluggish site speed. As Google rolls out new SEO rules almost daily, you will lose your position in search unless you do something to maintain your site besides leaving it.

We recommend that a quarterly routine maintenance check is run on your website to always keep it up to date and working for you. For larger sites we recommend these services monthly.

What does our check include:
Update 3rd party software updates (plugins, extensions, PHP mods and tweaks).
Minimizing the size of your html, js and css files (speeds up your site for SEO).
Remove non-working links (Google stops crawling when it discovers dead links)
Redirect old pages to new ones to preserve link juice.
Monthly site clean & anti-virus protection
Resolve site crashes.
Remove suspicious or mis-behaving files.
Full Website Backups

I would like to use your services monthly

Not everyone wants to maintain their own website. If fact for most of us with a busy lifestyle between running a business, kids activities, and life in general, we hardly have time for the things we enjoy little lone maintaining your own website.

That’s where we come in. We can take care of the content updates, WordPress plugin updates, copy writing, image galleries and much more. This will give you more time to do the things you like to do.

We have a variety of Maintenance packages available, which we custom tailor to suit your needs. We consult with you to see what maintenance is needed on a regular basis and work out a costing and monthly fee that will suite your business and budget.

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